What is the production process of plastic aseptic bottle cap

Update:11 Apr 2020

There are many plastic products we contact in our life. The bottle cap makes us most familiar. The bottle cap is fastened on the bottle mouth through the cooperation with the bottle mouth. It is to prevent the leakage of substances in the bottle and the invasion of external bacteria. The production and processing process of the plastic sterile bottle cap is similar to the requirements of the bottle body. The difference is that the main material of the bottle body is blow molding, and the main material of the bottle cap is injection molding What is the production process of plastic sterile bottle cap?

Production process of plastic aseptic bottle cap
1. Feeding and matching materials are mainly transported to the hopper of the injection molding machine by pipeline. After the machine is started, the materials in the hopper enter the feeding barrel to complete the feeding process of the machine.
2. Plasticization is a process in which the plastic mixture entering the barrel from the hopper is heated to flow and has good plasticity. The requirement is that the plastic reaches the specified molding temperature before entering the mold cavity and provides enough molten plastic within the specified time.
3. Injection first is to inject the well plasticized melt into the mold (injection process) under the push pressure of the screw. When the melt passes through the nozzle, main (sub) flow channel and gate in the injection mold cavity, the resistance is very large, and the injection pressure loss is up to 30% - 70%. Therefore, the injection pressure must be large enough to ensure the complete filling of the mold. Then there are four steps in the molding stage: mold abandoning, compaction, backflow and gate solidification. The plastic melt injected into the mold cavity is cooled and shaped into a plastic cover.
4. Cooling and demoulding. It mainly refers to the stage from the complete freezing of the plastic of the gate to the release of the cover from the mold. Demoulding can be divided into two ways: strong demoulding and spinning demoulding.