How does the plastic cap structure of the common beverage make it waterproof?

Update:03 Apr 2020

The key of sealing is the boss design. There are two ideas in the design of mechanical seal: increasing the contact surface and extending the leakage path of medium. It is impossible to seal completely in theory. What we are after is to leak as little as possible under certain conditions. By increasing the boss on the bottle cap, the actual sealing area of the bottle mouth and the bottle cap is increased.
Can the thread seal? The answer is yes. There is indeed a kind of standard thread that can meet the sealing requirements of beverage bottles, and this kind of thread does not need to add other sealing media (material belt, sealing rubber ring, etc.) in the use process. We generally call it fine thread. The visual difference is that the fine thread will be more dense than the coarse thread of the same specification in the same length (like the M8 thread with the same diameter); and the crown of the fine thread (external thread) is sharp, and the coarse thread is only the flat top or transition with a circle, such as the thread for connection in daily life.