What are the sealing standards for beverage bottle caps and what is the correct way to open them?

Update:17 Apr 2020

The beverage bottle cap is a kind of sealing material. Its main function is to keep the beverage in the bottle well without volatilization, leakage and other problems. Therefore, all ex factory products will go through a sealing test index, and can only be sold to merchants after meeting the qualified standard. Just like the Coca Cola we often drink, do you know how to open it correctly?

Sealing index of beverage bottle cap
1. Tightness
The cap shall be tightened with appropriate torque to meet the requirements of no leakage during transportation and storage.
2. Applicability
The opening torque shall meet the standard and shall not be too large.
3. Prefabrication
Only when we know what kind of torque and pressure the cap is sealed can we meet the opening requirements.

Coke bottle cap opening mode
1. Select the cap spinner according to the size of the cap and rotate it on the cap by hand.
2. Soak the bottle in boiling water, then twist it open.
3. Unscrew the rough dry cloth block, steel wire ball and other tools on the bottle cap.
This is the sharing of the sealing index and opening method of the beverage bottle cap. I hope it can help you.