How to produce mineral water bottle cap and how to use it?

Update:25 Apr 2020

Mineral water is a kind of drinking product in our life, which can be used to supplement water. So have you ever noticed the top cap and know how it is produced and used?

Bottle cap injection production process sharing
1. The injection lid needs to heat the material to the molten flow state, the temperature is about 250 ℃, and the compression molding only needs to heat to about 180 ℃, so the energy consumption of the injection lid is higher than that of the injection lid.
2. The pressure plastic processing temperature is low, the shrinkage is small, and the cover size is more accurate.
3. The injection molding fills all cavities at one time, and the pressing molding extrudes one bottle cap material at a time. The extrusion pressure is very small, but the injection pressure is high.
4. The volume of injection mold is large, the replacement of single mold cavity is troublesome; each mold cavity is relatively independent and can be replaced separately.
5. The press molding capping machine is a special machine for bottle caps, which is specially designed for the demoulding of bottle caps.

Usage of mineral water bottle cap
1. Packaging
In a clean and dust-proof environment, plastic bags conforming to food safety and health shall be used in cartons and packed according to the specified quantity.
2. Storage
The product shall be stored in a ventilated, dry, odor free, non-toxic and harmless warehouse, and the storage period shall not exceed half a year.
3. Use requirements
The brittleness of the bottle cap increases at low temperature. When the temperature of the bottle cap storage warehouse is lower than 18 ℃, the bottle cap must be placed in the environment with the temperature higher than 18 ℃ for 24 hours before use.
This is the analysis of the injection process and usage of the mineral water bottle cap. I hope it can help you.