What are the characteristics of plastic bottle caps rotating deep snail teeth

Update:21 Oct 2022

In the process of injection molding, there is a rotating device system in the mold. This action can be used to maintain the integrity of the bottle cap. Therefore, the thread shape of the bottle cap can be useful, and the bottle cap wall will not be skewed when rotating the thread of the bottle tibia.

During the operation of the bottle cap, the bottle cap can be excellently converted into a straight strength when rotating the tibia thread of the bottle to tighten the bottle pad against the bottle tibia.

Because the rotating thread cannot be dropped by a bottle cap, the screw cover is added when the thread cover is added when the pad is added.

The rotating deep snail has the following defects:

A. The thread of this type should be added with multiple pads.

B. The thread cover restricts the plan of the bottle cap (for example, the bottle cap that is blocked by the thread cannot be rotated in the mold). Of course, the thread cover mold is more messy during planning, and the cost is more expensive.

C. There is no constraint on the selection of raw materials when making a deep thread bottle cap.