What should I do if the plastic bottle cap cannot be opened?

Update:14 Oct 2022


We will be worried because the plastic bottle cap cannot be opened, and we will be annoyed because we have no strength to open the bottle cap. Now I will teach you how to easily open the bottle cap. How to open it? This is the case. First, pour some hot water in the basin. Of course, the hotter the effect, the better the boiling water. It feels like you can go under the bottle cap, and then use our coup below.

Put the bottle cap down into the water, see that the water in the basin just covers the bottle cap, wait for about half a minute, and then you can open the bottle cap. Isn't it amazing? Let me tell you why this method can open the bottle cap. In fact, this is because objects have the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction. The metal bottle cap contacts hot water and expands rapidly, although the glass bottle mouth is heated. It also expands, but it is one step later, and it is heated through the cap.
In addition, because the food in it is cold, its expansion rate is far less than that of the bottle cap. This will create a gap between them, which can be opened. Lo and behold, it opens up easily. With this method, it is no longer difficult to twist the cap in the future. Just soak it in hot water, it's easy.

Using this method to open the bottle cap, you don't need to pry or bake, you don't have to worry about prying the bottle and hurting your hands, and you don't have to worry about baking your hands, and you don't have to worry that the glass bottle will burst and the plastic bottle will deflate, which is very practical. very safe! Another advantage of this method is that, no matter how big the bottle is, as long as it is placed head down and soaked in hot water, it can be easily opened. After practice, this method is easy to use, almost 100% can be opened. This is really a bottle cap that can't be opened. After soaking in hot water, it will take effect immediately, and opening the cap will become lighter.