The main points of the operation of plastic bottle cap gaskets when sealing bottles

Update:24 Mar 2022

  Bottle cap gaskets are generally used in wine packaging and sealing. Different bottle caps will use different bottle cap gaskets. Glass wine bottle caps should pay attention to the key points of use.
        When the wine bottle uses a metal cover, it is better to know the material of the metal cover. For example, the glass wine bottle is sealed with an aluminum metal cover, and its sealing and sealing tightness will not be a big problem. When the cap is made of ferrous metal, special attention should be paid to whether the gasket of the metal cap will be out of position due to the mechanical rebound of the metal material after the gripper of the metal cap of the crown cap is pressed and sealed with the bottle.

       If the bottle cap bounces out of position, the sealing effect of the bottle cap gasket must be poor. Once the packaging bottle encounters light, heat and shock, it shrinks or expands under the action of external force, which will cause the bottle mouth and the bottle cap to shrink. The tight joint of the seal moves, causing air leakage and liquid leakage. It should be used in conjunction with a suitable bottle cap gasket to avoid future troubles.
1. Product features: The caps are produced and packaged on an aseptic production line. At present, only Shanghai Ziquan can produce this aseptic bottle cap. The production line used is one of the aseptic bottle cap production lines in the country. It adopts the filtration method, purifies the cooling air and the packaging room, and the cleanliness reaches 1,000 grade aseptic. condition;
2. Scope of application: Applicable to pure draft beer and draft beer. And the demanding beverage and drinking water industries;
3. Gasket material: Oxygen absorbing material: a. Product features: An oxygen barrier substance is added to the gasket material of the bottle cap, which needs to be activated under humid conditions, but under normal storage conditions before capping need to remain stable. Each gasket is larger to absorb 2 mg of oxygen, and the amount of oxygen absorbing material migrates to the beer is small. The oxygen-absorbing bottle cap absorbs the oxygen infiltrated from the neck part and the outside world, reduces the aging of the beer, and greatly improves the freshness and taste of the beer; b. Scope of application: suitable for the beer industry, especially for high-end beer; c. Gasket Material: PE oxygen absorbing material.