Selection of raw materials for plastic bottle caps

Update:16 Mar 2022

There are many raw materials that can be used to make plastic bottles, and what kind of raw materials should be selected should be determined according to factors such as different uses, functions, and characteristics of the plastic bottles.

PET: PET plastic bottles are often used in food, beverage, catering and other fields. Representative products are: carbonated beverage plastic bottles, plastic mineral water bottles, functional beverage plastic bottles, beer plastic bottles, edible oil PET plastic bottles, dairy products plastic bottles, Condiment plastic bottle, juice PET beverage bottle, etc. This material is non-toxic and harmless, light in weight, strong and durable, environmentally friendly and recyclable. It is more suitable for food and beverage packaging, and can also be used in other fields.

PP: Polypropylene is a very friendly plastic raw material. It is non-toxic, tasteless, safe and healthy, hygienic and environmentally friendly, recyclable and degradable, and has high plasticity. It can be used for the packaging of food, beverage, drinking water, edible oil, health care products, medicines and other products. Such as: heat-resistant beverage bottles, honey plastic bottles, PP beverage bottles, edible oil plastic bottles and other food plastic packaging containers.

PE: Polyethylene is divided into two types, one is LDPE and the other is HDPE. We have introduced the characteristics of these two materials before. Let us introduce the plastic bottles made of PE material. PE material is mostly used for the packaging of chemicals, such as: chemical reagent plastic bottles, health product packaging bottles, plastic test tubes, pesticide plastic bottles, disposable plastic test tubes and other chemical plastic packaging. The plastic bottle of this material has the characteristics of stable chemical properties, good acid resistance, good alkali resistance, high barrier properties, and good sealing performance.

The above are three common raw materials for plastic bottles. Customers can judge according to the actual situation of the samples, which material the plastic products need to be customized are made of.