Attention when using plastic bottle caps

Update:31 Mar 2022

Plastic bottle caps are often seen in our daily life, which can effectively seal and prevent the contents of the bottle from leaking. When we choose beverages packaged with plastic caps, we also need to prevent things from entering the beverage during processing.
Some netizens reported that blue particles were found in Guangming fresh milk. At first, netizens thought it was the blue mark on the bottle. After a closer look, they found that it was in the milk, which made them feel sick.

According to the analysis of professionals in food science and safety, the main reason for the "exploded bottle" may be due to the generation of carbon dioxide gas in the bottle and the increase of the pressure in the bottle; secondly, it may also be the quality of the bottle. The thermal expansion and contraction after the collision lead to "explosion of the bottle". In general, if the disinfection is not thorough during the production process, trace bacteria may remain. Juice (or milk-containing) beverages are rich in nutrients and undoubtedly become a large petri dish for these micro-bacteria. The micro-bacteria reproduce anaerobic at a certain temperature, produce carbon dioxide gas, and expand the bottle. The moment the bottle cap is opened, the "bottle burst" phenomenon occurs. Relatively speaking, beverages that have been opened are more likely to be "exploded", especially beverages that are directly consumed by mouth-to-bottle, which not only causes bacteria to enter due to exposure to the air, but also bacteria in the oral cavity during the drinking process. In the beverage, after high temperature, the bacteria grow in large numbers, resulting in the explosion of the bottle of carbon dioxide.

To this end, the Municipal Consumer Protection Committee reminds consumers: When purchasing juice (or milk-containing) beverages, be sure to read the product description carefully, and pay attention to its storage, opening and consumption conditions. If juice (or milk-containing) beverages cannot be consumed at one time, they should be refrigerated (do not freeze). Pay attention to safety when opening the plastic bottle cap, keep the bottle mouth outward, especially do not point the bottle mouth at your eyes. If you find an expanded juice (or milk-containing) drink, be more careful when opening the bottle cap to avoid personal injury.