Plastic bottle caps are low-cost and environmentally friendly materials

Update:15 Jun 2022

I don't know since when, plastic bottles have become cheap, environmentally friendly and unsafe products in people's eyes. Now, many high-end foods are packaged in glass bottles and other materials. For plastic bottles, there are actually too many prejudices and misunderstandings.

The emergence of plastic bottles has met the needs of large-scale market applications with extremely low packaging costs. It solves the huge cost pressure brought by the high cost of other packaging materials to downstream enterprises, and also popularizes this benefit into the hands of each of us.

Plastic bottles are thrown away at will, and because they are not easily decomposed, they do put a lot of pressure on the environment. But the responsibility is mainly on people and not plastic bottles, if people can throw plastic bottles into the trash in time. Most plastic bottles can be recycled after recycling.

Regarding the existence of plasticizers, bisphenol A, etc. in plastic bottles, in fact, as long as people use them correctly, the manufacturers produce them in full accordance with the corresponding regulations. In fact, plastic bottles will not release these substances that are harmful to the human body. It can be seen from the above that the key to the environmental protection and safety of plastic bottles is not the plastic bottles themselves, but the people who use them.