Precautions when cleaning plastic bottle caps

Update:24 Jun 2022

When sterilizing plastic bottle caps, what should be paid attention to when capping? First of all, the aluminum bottle cap does not come into direct contact with the drug, and some people think that its cleanliness should not be too demanding. The modern aluminum cover production environment is relatively high, and it can be directly sterilized without cleaning. Because the aluminum cover is easily deformed during the cleaning process.

During use, the hospital will also sterilize the parts where the aluminum cap and rubber stopper are in direct contact with the needle. But some people think that it is better to have high requirements and should be cleaned. However, some people think that the cleanliness requirements of the tie room should be higher, and the country seems to be considering raising its cleanliness level to 10,000, because there are always some that are not fastened. Everyone has their own opinion on the various issues of aluminum bottle caps.
In recent years, the competition in the bottle cap market has become increasingly fierce. To stand out from the fierce competition, grasping consumer preferences is the key to success. According to some bottle cap manufacturers, vision and taste are two important factors influencing consumer choice. Therefore, they tend to add fragrances to luxury bottle caps to make their designs more refined.
In terms of material selection, most bottle cap manufacturers say they prefer plastic. Compared with metal materials, plastics have the characteristics of light weight and low cost; compared with wood materials, plastics have superior corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Therefore, the global market share of plastic bottle caps will continue to increase in the coming years.