Introduction to the sawtooth of plastic bottle caps

Update:01 Nov 2021

Plastic bottle caps are the main products of our company. The number of serrations in the bottle caps was 24 at the beginning, which was invented by William Pate at the end of the 19th century, because the number of teeth is more suitable for wine bottles to be sealed. So how much do you know about this serration ?

Tooth bottle caps are constantly changing. By the 1930s, the essentials of manual capping became industrial capping. 24-tooth bottle caps can easily block the hose of the automatic filling machine. After changing to singular gears, this environment is no longer Appeared. Because the sealing of the teeth is not better than 21 teeth, people choose 21 teeth. Now, the 21 teeth of beer bottle caps are manufactured according to the international unobstructed German standard, and the requirements for the bottle cap are tightness and bite. 21 teeth are A better compromise between these two requirements.
(1) Multi-cavity point: mature technology from 4 cavity to 32 cavity. Simplified hot runner works reliably and has low cost.
(2) High efficiency: using simplified glue dispensing hot runner, no glue port waste, and the cycle time can reach 5 seconds.
(3) Long life: The cavity is made of high-quality mold steel, heat-treated HRC52, the key core parts can reach HRC60, the mold guide post and guide sleeve adopts oil-free lubrication, no pollution, and the service life can reach ten million times.
(4) Special design of the knife edge: the unscrewing ring knife edge adopts a split structure, the blade is not deformed, the positioning is accurate and easy to replace, there is no impact on the clamping, and the service life is long.