Introduction to the basic functions of plastic bottle caps

Update:08 Nov 2021

Among many packaging plastic bottles, plastic bottles are a widely used type of packaging container, which is widely used in packaging in various industries. The reason why plastic bottles are widely used is that they have a series of advantages such as light weight, sturdiness and durability, good barrier properties, easy forming, variable shapes, and low cost. They are very competitive in the packaging industry.

Manufacturers must meet the following conditions when producing and designing plastic bottles:
1. Plastic bottles must have the function of protecting the contents. Plastic bottles can be moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof and corrosion-proof. It has a barrier effect on external dust, water and other liquid substances; prevents pollution and corrosion of packaging; prevents ultraviolet rays from penetrating, adapts to environmental temperature changes, and protects packaging from sunlight and ultraviolet rays.
2. The plastic bottle must have the function of withstanding external forces. It can adapt to a variety of transportation methods and warehouse storage methods to protect the contents from damage.
3. Plastic bottles make products have display functions. Plastic bottles can show the display function of products through beautiful shapes, bright colors, smooth surfaces and transparency. Attract customers and stimulate their desire to buy.
4. The plastic bottle should have the function of convenience to use. The design of the mouth of the plastic bottle should consider the convenience of opening, and it can be opened and closed many times, and it should be convenient to dump the contents. Can not cause sputtering to hurt people. When designing a product, you can add other functions to the sealer: such as anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, anti-clogging, spraying, etc.