Application of plastic bottle caps in the food industry

Update:27 Oct 2021

As a form of packaging, plastic bottle packaging with bottle caps has a wide range of application fields and materials. When people talk about plastic bottle cap packaging, they often pay attention to changes in plastic bottle materials, changes in bottle shapes, etc. However, I want to remind everyone here that there is also a very important role in plastic bottle packaging. ——Bottle cap.
With the wide application of plastic bottles in many fields, bottle caps have become more and more important. Whether in beverages, dairy products, daily chemicals, medicine, or other industries, the status of bottle caps is becoming more and more prominent. Bottle cap-as a small part of the packaging, it is very important to ensure product quality and shape product personality. The function of the bottle cap mainly has two points: one is airtightness, which protects the contents. The basic functions are also easier for manufacturers; the second is aesthetics. As an integral part of packaging, small bottle caps can play a finishing touch. As for the material container area of ​​this issue, we will focus on the key demand for bottle caps in the beverage industry and the development of bottle cap products in this field.

Plastic anti-theft caps were pushed to the front of beverage packaging. Since the mid-1990s, PET bottled beverages produced by Coca-Cola Company replaced aluminum caps with plastic anti-theft caps, pushing plastic anti-theft caps to the forefront of beverage packaging. Since then, domestic powerful packaging companies and beverage manufacturers have introduced foreign equipment and started mass production and application of plastic anti-theft caps. Nowadays, plastic anti-theft bottle caps, which are both light and easy to open, are used for beverage packaging not only to facilitate consumers, but also to accelerate the development of the beverage industry.