How much do you know about PET plastic bottles?

Update:19 May 2021

Although in ordinary life, products made of plastic are very common, but everyone knows what is plastic? What is a plastic bottle? Let me spread the expertise of plastics to everyone: Plastics are a general term for a type of plastic polymer materials under certain conditions. Generally, they are divided into thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics according to their hot melt properties. It is one of the world's three largest organic polymer materials (the three largest polymer materials are plastic, rubber, and fiber). The English name of plastic is plastic, commonly known as: plastic.

In shopping malls or pharmacies we can see plastic bottles, beverage bottles, condiment bottles, health care bottles, capsule tablets bottles, tableted candies and even sealed cans for snacks, all of which are plastic, but there are many types of plastics and many processes. , The material of each plastic bottle is different, and there are many production methods. The commonly used material for food-grade plastic bottles is PET plastic bottles. Most of the common beverage bottles, capsules and tablets and health care products on the market use PE plastic bottles.

The recycling of PET plastic bottles can not only solve the environmental protection problem, but also can be used as a new raw material resource to alleviate the contradiction of the shortage of PET raw materials in China. Yes, looking back on China's 30 years of reform and opening up, although China has achieved world-renowned achievements in the economic field, it has also brought serious damage to China's environment. Water pollution, air pollution, solid waste pollution, etc. This has brought shrinkage to China's economy. People have gradually realized this problem, and accordingly put forward a series of measures such as taking the road of sustainable development, green GDP strategy, circular economy strategy, and so on. It can be seen that the recycling of PET plastic bottles is in line with the practical problems facing China and is of great benefit to environmental protection, resource conservation and sustainable development.