Imagination of developing plastic bottles in the solid packaging market

Update:25 May 2021

For plastic bottles, its main function is to pack liquids. In fact, our plastic bottle manufacturers have mainly focused on the market development of liquid packaging during so many years of operation. The design and innovation of plastic bottles are also focused on liquids. The packaging is unfolded. The opportunity of solid packaging is more in the hands of plastic bag packaging. Therefore, it breaks through the inherent thinking of plastic bottle packaging. Expand the market to solid packaging.

The solid market has many forms. Plastic bottles should be designed and developed according to different solid types. For example, for powdered solids, the packaging of such solids is generally troublesome when pouring out. At this time, the design of the plastic bottle cap will directly determine whether the powder packaging is easy to use and whether it can win the market.

Welcome. For another example, for some relatively large solid products, to be easy to take out, the size of the bottle mouth must be relatively large, and wide-mouth plastic bottles are more suitable.
In short, there are many forms of solids. If plastic bottle manufacturers want to develop this market and gain advantages in the packaging market with plastic bags, they must have a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of various solids and develop suitable ones. package.