Forecast of domestic plastic products market demand

Update:12 May 2021

The future demand of the domestic plastic products market is mainly concentrated in several aspects such as agricultural plastic products, packaging plastic products, construction plastic products, industrial transportation and engineering plastic products.
According to statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture, the mulch film used for horticultural facilities cultivation in my country, plus the ammoniated film, silage film and stretch film forage film, plastic seedling containers, sunshade nets, fishing nets, foam plastic sheets, etc., require approximately plastic every year 3 million tons of products.
In addition, the demand for agricultural plastic water-saving equipment is also great. Every year, 1.7 million tons of plastic water-saving devices such as various pipes and fittings, irrigators, sprinklers, anti-seepage films, and geowoven fabrics are needed.

Plastic packaging is an inevitable trend as the main packaging material. At present, more than 50% of cement packaging in my country uses composite woven bags, and mineral products, synthetic resins, raw salt, sugar, cotton and wool also use large amounts of plastic packaging.
In addition, the small packaging of food in my country needs at least 1.1 million tons of various plastic substrates every year.
Food, beverages, medicines, detergents, cosmetics, chemical products, etc. are developing rapidly in my country. They have great demand for packaging products such as composite films, packaging films, containers, turnover boxes, and plastic pallets. There are also convenience foods, dairy products, canned food, food, MSG, candy, biscuits, etc., which require millions of tons of various packaging materials. There is also a large market for pharmaceutical packaging. Taken together, the total demand for packaging material products is about 5.5 million tons per year.
Plastic building materials mainly include plastic pipes, plastic doors and windows, building waterproof materials, heat insulation materials, decoration materials, etc. They are widely used in construction engineering, municipal engineering, village and town construction and industrial construction. Plastic building materials can not only replace traditional building materials such as wood and steel, but also have the advantages of energy saving, material saving and environmental protection. During the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, plastic building materials will maintain an average annual growth rate of 15%.
Engineering plastics are currently the fastest-growing category in the plastics industry. With the rapid development of my country's economy, the scope and quantity of their applications are increasing. Products in this field include plastics for transportation and transportation, engineering plastics for electronics, electrical, and information industries.