Bottle caps are becoming more and more humanized

Update:25 Aug 2022

Bottle caps are mainly used to seal bottles. The bottle cap is like a zipper, although it is very inconspicuous, it has made an indelible contribution to the development of human beings. After long-term development, the technology of bottle caps has become more and more mature, the types are more convenient, and more importantly, the use is more convenient and user-friendly.

The early bottle caps were mainly used for tinplate caps encapsulated in glass bottles. This type of bottle caps is tightly sealed, but it is inconvenient to open. It is very difficult and extremely inconvenient for many people to open. With the invention and popularization of plastic bottles, ordinary rotating plastic bottle caps began to be widely used.

Most of the bottles such as mineral water bottles and beverage bottles are sealed with plastic rotary caps, which can be said to be widely used. However, plastic bottle caps have recently been exposed to problems such as unsatisfactory sealing and easy growth of bacteria, which has also affected its development.

Another important type of bottle caps are wine bottle caps. Wine bottle caps are mainly made of aluminum-plastic caps and aluminum caps, as well as hard plastic caps. Wine bottle caps have high requirements for anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft functions. In recent years, spray heads and spray guns have also begun to be widely used in the field of cosmetic bottles and chemical bottles. The use of spray heads and spray guns is more accurate and more in line with people's usage habits.