bottle cap material

Update:01 Sep 2022

Aluminum anti-theft bottle cap
Aluminum anti-theft bottle caps are made of high-quality special aluminum alloy materials to be refined into bottle cap molds. Special requirements such as high temperature cooking and sterilization.

Aluminum caps are mostly processed in production lines with a high degree of automation, so the requirements for the strength, elongation and dimensional deviation of the material are very strict. Otherwise, the cap mold will crack or crease during processing. In order to ensure the convenience of printing after the cap is formed, the surface of the cap material is required to be flat, without rolling marks, scratches and stains. The alloys generally used are 8011-H14, 3003-H16, etc., and the cap moulds are used for cap moulds. Specifications are generally 0.20mm to 0.23mm in thickness and 449mm to 796mm in width. The production of aluminum bottle cap materials can be produced by hot rolling or continuous casting and rolling, and cold rolling. At present, the production plants of anti-theft cap materials in my country use continuous casting and rolling billets for multi-cap molds, which are superior to casting and rolling billets.

Plastic anti-theft bottle cap

The plastic bottle cap has a complex structure and has the function of preventing backflow. Its surface treatment methods are various, and the three-dimensional effect is strong. The appearance of the outer bottle cap mold is unique and novel, and the inherent defects of the bottle cap mold itself cannot be ignored. Because the glass bottle adopts the thermoforming process, the size error of the bottle mouth is large, and it is difficult to achieve a higher sealing performance than the bottle cap mold. Relevant packaging experts pointed out that due to the existence of strong static electricity, plastic bottle caps are easy to absorb dust in the air, and the debris generated during ultrasonic welding is difficult to remove. Complete solution. In addition, in order to reduce costs, individual plastic bottle cap manufacturers dope their raw materials with fakes, and the hygiene situation is worrying. Because a part of the bottle cap is connected with the mouth of the glass bottle, it is not easy to recycle. Environmental experts believe that its pollution to the natural environment is obvious. In addition, the cost of plastic bottle caps is about twice as high as that of aluminum bottle caps or even more bottle cap molds.

In comparison, aluminum anti-theft bottle caps can overcome the above-mentioned shortcomings of plastic bottle caps. Aluminum anti-theft caps have simple structure, strong adaptability, and good sealing effect. Compared with plastic caps, aluminum caps are not only superior in performance, but also can be produced by mechanized cap molds and mass production, with low cost and no pollution. Can also be recycled. If a special and excellent printing method is adopted, the bottle cap mold can not only print colorful patterns, but also has a good anti-counterfeiting effect. Of course, aluminum bottle caps also have some defects, such as different colors on the side of the bottle cap, the bottle cap mold is prone to paint peeling, and the appearance lacks changes, but these problems can be solved technically.