Application of plastic bottle cap and introduction of temperature standard of plastic bottle cap mould

Update:13 Aug 2020

Importance of mold temperature for plastic bottle cap
1. Improving formability: each plastic part has its own suitable mold temperature for plastic bottle cap. In the production process, if the appropriate mold temperature can be maintained, the formability of plastic parts can be improved. If the mold temperature is too low, the fluidity of the plastic part will be reduced, and the contour of the plastic part will not be clear, and even the die will not be satisfied. If the mold temperature is too high, the plastic parts will deform during and after demoulding, which will reduce the accuracy of shape and size.

2. Molding shrinkage: using mold temperature regulating system to keep the mold temperature constant can effectively reduce the shrinkage fluctuation of plastic parts and improve the qualified rate of plastic parts. The low mold temperature is helpful to reduce the molding shrinkage of plastic parts, improve the dimensional accuracy of plastic parts, shorten the molding cycle and improve the production efficiency.
3. Control of plastic deformation: excessive temperature difference between core and cavity will lead to uneven shrinkage and warpage of plastic parts, especially for those with uneven wall thickness and complex shape. Appropriate cooling circuit should be used to ensure the uniformity of mold temperature to eliminate the warpage of plastic parts.
4. Dimensional stability: for crystalline plastics, the use of high mold temperature is conducive to the crystallization process, to avoid size changes during storage and use. For flexible plastics, the use of low mold temperature is conducive to the dimensional stability of plastic parts.
5. Mechanical properties: appropriate mold temperature can improve the mechanical properties of plastic parts. Too low mold temperature will increase the internal stress of plastic parts and produce obvious weld lines. For rigid plastics with high viscosity ratio, the stress cracking phenomenon can be greatly reduced by using high mold temperature.
6. Appearance quality: too low mold temperature will make the plastic parts appear unclear outline, obvious silver wire, moire and other defects, and the surface is no, relatively rough. By properly increasing the temperature of the plastic bottle cap mold, the appearance quality of the plastic parts can be effectively improved.

Understand the effect of plastic bottle cap on plastic bottle
Why is plastic bottle cap a green leaf of plastic bottle? The low-key of plastic bottle cap makes people often ignore its importance. In the rapid development, we must constantly innovate and make imagination. Nowadays, with the fierce competition in the market, many well-known enterprises have turned their attention to plastic packaging while improving the quality of their products. In order to meet the needs of people in all aspects, they have spent a lot of efforts on plastic bottles and caps, This has also brought more opportunities to many enterprises, and their position in the market has been gradually highlighted;
Now the development of the science and technology era has proved the progress of the society. We can only keep up with the development of the times to ensure that we will not be eliminated, and always pay attention to the market dynamics. Just talking about science and technology, now all our things have a shelf life, after which they can not be used, and these are harmful to our own health, especially the imported food and medicine If you eat on time, some people will often forget that if you embed technology into the plastic packaging bottle and set a time to remind you, it will be popular with many people, especially the elderly, who can't delay for a while. If you plug in the wings of science and technology, you can fly higher.