Production material and function analysis of bottle blank

Update:06 Aug 2020

Bottle embryo may be rarely seen, when we often use plastic bottles and so on are closely related to it. In order to satisfy everyone's curiosity, I'd like to share its production materials and functions today.

Introduction of bottle blank production materials
1. PVC material
Because of its soft texture, high toughness and good shaping, this kind of material is generally used in the outer packaging of products. Some of our common toys and cosmetics are made of this kind of material;
2. PET material
This kind of material has high quality requirements and can be used in food packaging;
3. PS material
Because of its poor toughness, the preform made of this kind of material is just like a disposable product;
4. PP material
This kind of material can be said to be a very good bottle blank materials, fully meet the food grade requirements, but there are also shortcomings, that is, poor plasticity, so the processing cost is relatively high.

The function of preform
1. Can be used as an intermediate, can be made after better viewing, if there is an undesirable address can be concise correction, not in the end and become waste.
2. It is relatively easy to make, can be very good for us to send the mold, so the production of the whole seat is better.
3. The material of this product is generally compared with simple processing. Therefore, the purpose of this product is to save operation cost and reduce the amount of work. In the mold, it can be better invested in the production of inspection, and can save some mistakes, so as to better protect the benefits of our seat.