What are the advantages of preform injection and how to check the quality of preform

Update:20 Aug 2020

Bottle blank is a kind of product processed by injection process equipment. Do you know the advantages of this?If you are interested, you can come and have a look. You can also learn some product quality inspection methods. It can be said that it can kill two birds with one stone.

Advantages of preform injection
1. Double linear guide rail design, stable operation;
2. The closed-loop control of injection rate improves the accuracy of injection;
3. Servo motor drives plasticization;
4. Single cylinder injection improves the stability of injection process;
5. Direct feeding pipe design is adopted;
6. Pneumatic control of silo closing;
7. Temperature control detection and independent heating of each section of the barrel can meet the process requirements.

Inspection method of bottle blank quality
1. The end face of bottle mouth shall be flat without damage and notch, the thread shall be complete and smooth without breakage, spillage, thread drawing and deformation, and there shall be no oil stain inside and outside.
2. The label pattern and text are clear, without misprint and omission, no obvious wrinkle, and the bar code can be read correctly.
3. The bottle bottom is well formed without depression, protrusion and center point deviation. The bottle bottom is free from fracture and delamination, and the mouth cannot exceed the bottom plane.
4. The appearance of the bottle is clean, dry, free of oil and dust, no odor, and there is no impurity in the bottle.
5. There is no shrinkage deformation, flat bottle, side wall deformation, convex bottom and depression in the bottle mouth and body.