What price to choose the most cost-effective preform

Update:19 Feb 2021

To produce plastic bottles, what price to choose the most cost-effective preform
The semi-finished products used to blow plastic bottles are usually called preforms. A good preform can be judged from several aspects. The first is that the preform has a uniform wall thickness, high color and transparency, which is very important. It involves the quality of blown bottles in the later stage.
The second is the effect after blowing. It is also very important whether the blowing is ideal. The third is the preform quotation, whether the price is reasonable in all aspects, because this directly affects the cost of plastic bottle manufacturers in the later stage.
So, how much is the preform, and what price is worth choosing. First of all, the grammage of the preform, the heavier the grammage of the preform. The price tends to be higher. Secondly, the use of preforms, such as beverage preforms, mineral water preforms, etc., has different prices for different uses. Again, the caliber size of the preform, the price of the preform of different caliber sizes is different.