Basic classification of plastic bottle caps

Update:26 Jan 2021

Basic classification of plastic bottle caps
According to the way of combination with containers, plastic bottle caps can be simply divided into the following three categories.
1、 Plastic bottle cap - screw cap
As the name suggests, the screw cap refers to the connection and cooperation between the cap and the container through its own thread structure.
Thanks to the advantages of the thread structure, when the screw cap is tightened, through the bite between the threads, it can produce a relatively large axial force, which is very convenient to realize the self-locking function. At the same time, some covers with high accuracy need to be positioned, and screw caps with threaded structure will also be used.
Plastic screw cap
Features: tighten or loosen the cover by rotating the cover.
Advantages: strong self-locking ability, the cover is not easy to be pulled out, the axial force of the cover is uniform, which is conducive to sealing.
Disadvantages: high manufacturing costs
Application: high sealing packaging and precise positioning packaging

2、 Plastic bottle cap - snap cap is a cap that fixes itself on the container through claws and other structures. We generally call it snap cap. The snap cover is designed based on the high toughness of plastics, especially PP / PE, which can maximize the advantages of claw structure. During the installation, the claw of the buckle cover can deform briefly when it is pressed to a certain extent, and stretch over the ratchet structure of the bottle mouth. Then, under the elastic effect of the material itself, the claw can quickly return to its original state and hold the mouth of the container tightly, so that the cover can be fixed on the container. This kind of high-efficiency connection mode is particularly favored in the mass production of industrialization. Features of plastic snap cover: the cover is fastened at the mouth of the container by pressing. Advantages: easy to cover, low manufacturing cost.
Disadvantages: uneven axial force, under the action of a certain force, will be pulled out.
Application: low cost FMCG packaging.
3、 Plastic bottle cap - welding cap
Through the structure of welding ribs, the bottle mouth is directly welded on the flexible packaging by means of hot melting, which is called welding cover. In fact, it is a derivative of the screw cap and snap cap, which separate the liquid outlet of the container and assemble it on the lid.
Welding cover is a new type of cover after plastic flexible packaging, which is widely used in daily chemical, medical and food industries.
Plastic welding cover
Features: the bottle mouth part of the welding cap is welded on the flexible package by hot melting.
Advantages: low cost, environmental protection.
Disadvantages: low consumption experience.
Usage: replacement, promotion.

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