Types of packaging materials for plastic bottle caps

Update:05 Jan 2022

With the increasing proportion of plastic packaging in the packaging industry, new types of plastic packaging materials are constantly emerging. At present, in terms of its production scale, the production of plastic packaging materials in my country has far exceeded that of Western developed countries. And Japan has become the first in the world, and its development speed is amazing and encouraging.

New polyester packaging dominates the plastic packaging materials. The more eye-catching application of polyethylene naphthalate is the application of polyethylene naphthalate. This is a new type of polyester packaging material with good gas barrier properties, UV resistance and Heat resistance.
 Plastic packaging development policy, first is the reduction of plastic packaging waste, and reducing the generation of plastic packaging waste should be the primary environmental strategy for plastic packaging. First of all, the design innovation of plastic packaging should be promoted, so that the plastic packaging can achieve lightweight or thin-walled plastic packaging while ensuring its basic functions. The technological advancement of the material synthesis process so far has been able to provide plastic varieties that can achieve this purpose.
It should be understood that the recycling of plastic packaging waste materials is essentially different from the recycling of scraps in the production process. It is not only a technical problem, but also a social problem. It not only involves economic benefits, but more importantly, social benefits. Environmental benefits. Therefore, the plastic packaging waste recycling industry has a certain degree of public welfare industry nature.
 The recycling of plastic waste should not be treated with the mentality of recycling leftovers in the production process. Even in technical issues, there are still certain determinants of the technical and economic effectiveness of waste recycling, which requires great attention.
 No matter what kind of plastic packaging is used, it must meet the requirements of green packaging: reduce waste pollution; solve the problem of environmental protection of solvents; recycling problems. Green packaging that meets environmental protection requirements and is pollution-free will receive more and more attention from the society. Therefore, green packaging should be vigorously developed, and packaging waste treatment and resource recycling should be done to achieve the requirements of sustainable development.