Tips for unscrewing plastic bottle caps

Update:22 Nov 2021

From the perspective of product life cycle evaluation, carton packaging has higher environmental and ecological advantages than (PET bottles) plastic bottle packaging. However, no matter what kind of packaging and other systems, carton packaging is very environmentally friendly. As an important link in the packaging of plastic bottles, plastic caps play a role in protecting product quality and shaping product personality. In order to better meet the individual needs of products, beverage companies have made great efforts on plastic caps at the same time. Many suppliers have introduced plastic caps with different functions and forms, which can not only meet the needs of products, but also bring end users to enterprises. With the opportunity for more choices, the status of the plastic cover has gradually been highlighted.

We will worry because the plastic bottle cap cannot be opened, and we will be annoyed because of the lack of energy to open the bottle cap. Now I will teach you how to open the bottle cap easily. This is the case. First, pour some hot water in the basin in the morning. Of course, the hotter the better, the better is the boiling water.
It feels like it can go without the bottle cap, and then we will use our coup below. Put the bottle cap down and put it in the water, and see that the water in the basin just passed the cap, wait for about half a minute, then you can open the cap. Isn’t it amazing? Let me tell you why this method can open the bottle cap. Actually, this is because objects have the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction. The metal bottle cap expands rapidly when it comes into contact with hot water, although the glass bottle mouth is heated. It will also expand, but it is one step late and is heated through the bottle cap.
Moreover, because the food in it is cold, its expansion speed is far behind the bottle cap. Then there will be a gap between them, which can be opened. Look, it's easy to open. With this method, there will be no more effort to screw the cap in the future. Just soak in hot water, it's easy. You don’t need to pry or bake the cap in this way. You don’t have to worry about breaking the bottle and hurting your hands. You don’t have to worry about getting your hands baked. You don’t have to worry about glass bottles bursting or plastic bottles deflating. It is very practical. very safe! Another advantage of this method is that no matter how big the bottle is, as long as you put your head down in the hot water, you can open it easily. After practice, this method works well, and it can be opened almost 100%. This is really the bottle cap cannot be opened, soak the hot water, it will be effective immediately, opening the cap becomes lighter.