There are several teeth on the lid of a mineral water bottle

Update:17 Jun 2020

How many teeth does a mineral water bottle cap have?
Although we often drink mineral water, you won't care. The bottle just unscrewed will have several teeth on the cap. If I take this question to test you, you will certainly scoff at it, because this question is too meaningless.
A TV Station conducted an interview with Zong Qinghou. There are not many people who know Zong Qinghou, but almost no one has never drunk his product Wahaha. The 42 year old Hangzhou man who started his business once worked as a farm farmer for 15 years, planted seedlings, dried salt, collected tea, burnt bricks, sold popsicles in a tricycle In just 20 years, he has created a business miracle, turning a school enterprise with only three employees, including him, into a giant in the Chinese beverage industry.

About his entrepreneurship, about Wahaha team, about national brand casting After asking several questions of interest to everyone, the host suddenly took out a bottle of ordinary Wahaha mineral water from behind and tested three questions of Zong Qinghou.
The first question is, "how many threads are there in the mouth of this Wahaha mineral water bottle?"
Four laps. Zong Qinghou didn't even think about it, replied. The host counted, and it was indeed four laps.

The second question is, "how many threads are there on the body of mineral water bottle?"
Eight. Zong Qinghou answered without thinking. The host counted, only six. Zong Qinghou told her with a smile that there were two more. Both questions are not difficult for Zong Qinghou, and the host is not willing. She unscrewed the mineral water bottle, looked at the cap in her hand, pondered for a moment, and asked the third question, "can you tell us how many teeth are on the cap?"
The audience were surprised to see the host, do not know what medicine she sold in the gourd. Many people came to the scene of TV recording just to see the legend. Some people also prepared a lot of questions to ask Zong Qinghou for advice. However, the host actually took the precious time to ask such a boring question. Zong Qinghou looked at the host with a smile and said, "you have observed carefully and the problems are very tricky. I'll tell you, an ordinary mineral water bottle has 18 teeth The host widened his eyes incredulously, "you know that, too? I'll count. " The host counted it again. It's really 18. Again, 18. The host stood up and made the final summary of the program, "the myth of wealth is always full of curiosity. An entrepreneur with more than 17 billion yuan, who manages dozens of companies and a team of more than 20000 people, has developed and produced dozens of varieties of beverage products. How complicated are the daily decisions? But he knew as well as the teeth on the lid of his water bottle. Maybe we can see from it how he made it step by step. "

People suddenly realized that there was warm applause on the stage.
If you compare the business you are engaged in to a bottle of mineral water, do you know how many teeth there are on your bottle cap? Zong Qinghou knows, and you should know, if you want to succeed.
Insight: details determine success or failure. No matter how big or how small, can the person who pays attention to everything find no direction? The person who pays attention to everything can clearly understand how to go from ordinary to success, because he knows the details of the road to success.