The sealing method of plastic bottle cap and bottle body

Update:22 Dec 2021

The bottle cap and the bottle body are two inseparable wholes, so there must be other ways to connect the two sides. There are usually two types of bottle caps and bottle combination sealing methods. One is the compression seal type with elastic material between the two. Thanks to the elasticity of the elastic material and the squeezing force specially driven when tightening, it can reach a perfect ratio. It is sealed without problems, and the sealing rate is 99.99%. The layout principle is to padded a ring-shaped special elastomer material at the butt of the bottle port and the inner bottom of the bottle cap. It is now widely adopted for packaging with internal pressure, and this situation is almost only required for internal pressure.

Another form of sealing is plug sealing. What is plugging? Friends should be easy to think that we are long gone, take a cone cork to plug the soy sauce glass bottle environment, right? Yes, the plug seal is to use the method of plugging it to seal. Based on this principle, the planner planned the bottle cap into a stopper. An extra ring was added to the inner bottom of the bottle cap. Formed the result of a plug. Stoppered bottle caps are allowed regardless of the tightening force, and the sealing rate is 99.5%. Compared with the previous method, the bottle cap is generally much more practical, and the widespread rate is quite high.
The two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The pressure-sealed type has to be particularly burdened with the cost of the elastic gasket; the plug-sealed type has a shortage of tightness, but fortunately it is pragmatism. With some reasonable reforms in the layout, the precision Sex has been so high.