The main points of the plastic bottle cap design process

Update:14 Apr 2022

At the beginning of plastic bottle cap planning, it is necessary for planners to conduct market research, clarify customer needs, learn from the advantages of similar products in the same industry, understand the molding equipment and production technology level of the company, and establish the initial concept of the planned products.
Plastic bottles must have the function of protecting the contents. Plastic bottles can be moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, and insulating against external dust, water and other liquid substances; avoid contamination and corrosion of packaging; avoid ultraviolet rays Penetration, getting used to ambient temperature changes, maintaining packaging from sunlight and UV rays.

The plastic bottle must have the function of accepting the effect of external force, it can adapt to a variety of transportation methods and warehouse storage methods, and protect the contents from damage.
Plastic bottles should have sufficient rigidity and beautiful shape. The common shapes of plastic bottles are round, square, oval, etc. From the point of view of application, they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. The round plastic bottle has high rigidity, but the appearance is not beautiful. The square plastic bottle has a beautiful appearance, but it is difficult to control the uniform wall thickness of the plastic bottle during molding.
The oval-shaped plastic bottle has high rigidity, but the manufacturing cost of the mold is high. Therefore, in order to ensure the rigidity of the plastic bottle, in addition to selecting materials with high rigidity, the shape of the plastic bottle must be designed to enhance the rigidity and resistance of the plastic bottle. load strength.
Plastic bottles make products have a display function. Plastic bottles can show the display function of products through beautiful appearance, bright colors, bright appearance and transparency, attract customers and arouse their desire to buy.
The plastic bottle should have the function of convenient use. The design of the bottle mouth of the plastic bottle should consider the convenience of opening, and it can be opened and closed repeatedly.