The key to the tightness of plastic bottle caps

Update:28 Apr 2022

Plastic covers are everywhere, but some defective products will also cause inconvenience to our daily use. If the sealing effect is not achieved, there will be water leakage and air leakage, which we do not want to see. The plastic cover is generally made of polyolefin as the main raw material, which is processed by injection molding, hot pressing and other processes.
The plastic anti-theft cover not only needs to be easy for consumers to open, but also needs to avoid leakage problems caused by poor sealing performance. How to reasonably control the sealing performance of plastic bottle cap is the focus of on-line or off-line inspection of production units.

So how to reasonably control the sealing performance of plastic caps is the focus of online or offline testing of production units. For plastic anti-theft bottle caps, because of the need to test the degree of sealing, a positive pressure sealing tester is used, but the positive pressure sealing tester in the market The tester directly injects compressed air into the sealed container, so that it will inevitably explode when the container is defective. According to expert calculations, if a 2.5-liter Coke bottle explodes at 1.2MPa, its destructiveness is quite high. At 100-150 grams of explosives. Although the bottle cap is small, we should also pay attention to it. It is a wise choice to choose a bottle cap with high quality.