The importance of quality and packaging safety of plastic bottle caps

Update:12 Aug 2022

Many times we will pay attention to the quality and safety of packaging bottles such as food bottles, medicine bottles, and cosmetic bottles. For example: food bottle packaging needs to have QS production certificate, medicine bottle needs to have medicine packaging material certificate and so on. However, we pay very little attention to bottle caps.

For bottle cap manufacturers, in fact, its use will be wider, and it may be used on food bottles or cosmetic bottles, etc. The good quality of bottle caps can also easily affect the quality of packaging. Therefore, it is very necessary to strengthen the management of bottle cap quality. In strengthening the management of bottle caps, relevant standards should be introduced to regulate them. For the production qualification of bottle cap manufacturers, certain thresholds must be set.

In addition, the bottle cap market is also the same as the packaging bottle production market. In fact, there are many counterfeiting behaviors, some are fake bottle caps with prizes, and some are fake wine bottle caps. However, we rarely pay attention to this, which requires relevant departments to strengthen supervision and management.