The ease of opening plastic bottle caps

Update:22 Jul 2022

As a supporting product for plastic bottles and glass bottles, plastic bottle caps can be said to be very inconspicuous sometimes. However, as long as you understand carefully, you will find that this is a huge industry, and there are thousands of professional bottle cap manufacturers in China.

In the past, in order to meet the sealing requirements, it was very inconvenient to open the bottle cap. It is very obvious that the glass tin tin bottle cap has a long history and is very perfect in terms of sealing.

However, this also brings a problem, which is very difficult to open. It is difficult for some elderly people and women to open the cap of this type of bottle, which can be said to be very inconvenient to use. Plastic screw caps are now the most widely used caps in the market. This cap is easy to open and very suitable for market promotion.

As the requirements for the convenience and humanization of bottle caps are getting higher and higher, bottle caps have begun to turn to spray heads, spray guns, etc. These types of caps can better meet the needs of users. However, with the rampant production and sale of counterfeit products, various anti-theft bottle caps and anti-counterfeit bottle caps have also begun to be put into the market in large quantities. Such bottle caps cater to the market to a certain extent, but for consumers, many times Convenience brings trouble.