Safe cleaning of plastic bottles

Update:15 Jul 2022

The market for aseptic filling of plastic bottles will grow at twice the current rate. The competition of liquid food packaging products of different categories tends to be fierce. Aseptic plastic bags will share the market share of pure milk packaged in aseptic pillow-type paper; high-density polyethylene plastic bottles will compete for the market share of lactic acid bacteria beverages, yogurt and other products packaged in roof-type paper. Market share; plastic bottles will also share the share of fruit juice beverages packaged in aseptic paper and so on.

The safety of plastic bottles and the flexibility of bottle type changes have been generally recognized by the beer industry. With the further improvement of plastic bottles for oxygen and ultraviolet blocking, heat resistance, strength and other indicators, high-end beer mass-produced in plastic bottles will appear in the Chinese market in the past year or two. With the continuous improvement and upgrading of plastic bottle technology, coupled with the characteristics of modern consumers' needs for convenience in carrying beverages, plastic bottles are gradually occupying the market share of other packaging products. More and more beverages, such as juice, non-carbonated beverages , iced tea, coffee, sports drinks, purified water, pasteurized milk, etc., must maintain good antibacterial properties during the filling process. These beverages increasingly use plastic bottles or PP and HDPE bottles as containers.

Plastic bottles are less adaptable to beer filling equipment. Plastic bottles cannot be cleaned with a bottle washer, but can only be washed with high-pressure sterile water, and the sterile state in the bottle cannot be guaranteed (especially for bottles that have been stored for a long time); heat-resistant plastic bottles cannot pass through the pasteurizer, The aseptic state of the packaging workshop is required to be high; the labeling method of plastic bottles is quite different from the current labeling method of glass bottles, and the labeling machine needs to be modified.

Plastic bottles need to improve their ability to protect against ultraviolet rays to prevent sunlight odor in beer. No matter what kind of organic synthetic materials, there are inevitably a small amount of organic monomers. When the inner wall of the bottle is in contact with the beer for a long time, there must be a small amount of organic matter leaching out. Strength of plastic bottles. Since the strength of PET plastic bottles is not as good as that of glass bottles, the air in the bottle cannot be removed by means of secondary vacuuming, and the crown cap cannot be directly capped with a capping machine, and the wine filling machine and capping machine need to be modified.