Tamper Evident Caps offers a tight seal

Update:04 Nov 2022

These caps can greatly reduce the risk of tampering and ensure the integrity of the product before it leaves the pharmacy and reaches the clinician. These caps can also improve the security of syringes by making them easily identifiable when the outer sleeve is broken. In addition, tamper evident caps can reduce pharmacist fatigue by automating the process of syringe capping.

A 38mm DBJ tamper-evident screw cap can fit any size PET bottle. It offers a tight seal that will prevent the spillage of product during transport. It is BPA-free and FDA compliant.

Tamper Evident Closures are a vital part of packaging in many industries, including food and beverage packaging. While they don't prevent tampering, these caps give consumers peace of mind. Carries a wide range of tamper-evident products for food and beverage applications.

Some containers don't need a tamper-evident cap. They may contain an induction seal, which usually resides inside the lid or cap. If these items are mixed drinks, a tamper-evident lid may be used instead. The lid must not have sipping holes or a hole designed for straws.