Plastic bottle cap is an important part of packaging technology

Update:10 Oct 2020

As the bottle cap is an important part of the packaging industry, the change of the downstream consumer market demand will directly affect the market demand of the bottle cap. With the vigorous development of the beverage industry, higher requirements for product packaging, and the people who use and contact the bottle cap, we are usually most concerned about that the small cap stocks will really have the function of leakage protection, and can prevent the container of liquid or other things It won't fall out.

Then, the demand for cap products will be driven. The bottle cap product is the key to the packaging industry, so the development trend of beverage industry will directly affect the demand of bottle cap products. In recent years, the market demand of bottle cap products has increased steadily, but the packaging materials have changed, and the structure of bottle cap products has changed. In general, the use of plastic covers will increase.

Although the aluminum cover is partly replaced by plastic cover, it is mainly used for wine and functional drinks, and the demand for claw is stable, and the proportion of claw cover is large.
1. A circular leak proof ring is set on the top inner wall of the common plastic cover, and the common plastic bucket cover is matched with the inner cover, so there is no need to design a leakage ring;
2. The lower end of the bottle cap is connected with the anti-theft ring with a reinforcing rib;
3. There are many flaps evenly distributed on the inner wall of the anti-theft ring. Through the design of the plastic cap and perfect sealing, anti leakage and anti-theft performance, it is safe and convenient to use, which can effectively prevent the liquid in the container from being affected by external pollution, and ensure that all kinds of liquid packaging meets the national safety standards, so the use of bottle cap is safe, which will help us to keep the liquid from the container Other factors.