How is the plastic bottle cap sealed

Update:16 Oct 2020

The sealing principle and sealing structure of two types of bottle caps are different: one piece cap (with a cylindrical sealing ring, which can be used for almost all drinks); the two-piece cap (with a soft cushion inside, which is often used by sprite and coke); the sealing principle and sealing structure of the two types of bottle caps are different:

Seal ring, top seal and side seal are three structures to ensure the sealing effect of single cap. Sealing ring is necessary. Side seal and top seal can be selected according to sealing effect requirements and cap structure design requirements. Through the three structures of sealing ring, top seal and side seal, the internal and external contact channels of the bottle are isolated from the inside, top and outside of the bottle mouth. If the thread needs to be sealed, the contents can fill the thread gap between the cap and the bottle mouth, and it will not leak out any more.

The weight of a small plastic bottle cap is only a few grams, and the price is only a few cents. Behind the product is the overall industrial strength of the country. Including but not limited to:
Petrochemical Industry: the raw materials of bottle caps are mainly PE, PP, and special plastics such as the inner cushion rubber in the double cap, which are required to be food grade. Mold manufacturing industry: bottle cap production mold is divided into injection mold and pressure plastic mold.

Management ability and quality management ability of large-scale production: the price of a bottle cap is a few cents, only large-scale production can produce sufficient profits, and the management ability of the factory is required to be higher and higher by machines, personnel, automation, etc. A day machine can produce hundreds of thousands of bottle caps in a minute. To ensure that the quality of each product meets the requirements, the quality management ability and professional ability requirements are not at the same level as other ordinary industries.