What is the price of plastic bottle recycling? The use of plastic bottle recycling

Update:07 Sep 2021

Plastic bottle recycling is usually collected by people in the community, but the price will be lower. If you have a large quantity, you can go to a special waste collection station and talk to others. The price varies from region to region. Moreover, the color and quality classification of plastic bottles are different. For example, the price of transparent plastic bottles such as mineral water bottles is generally between one yuan and eight anise and two yuan, while colored plastic bottles are about one yuan per catty, and there are some waste. Plastics can only be sold for two triangles per catty. The quality is different, and the price is naturally different. Therefore, there is no uniform price for plastics, and the daily price will change with the changes in the recycling price, that is, it is not a fixed price. Constant price.

As we all know, there are three types of plastic products used in food packaging: polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, and polystyrene.
Used to contain cooking oil in a short period of time, it is not harmful to human health. However, using them for long-term storage of cooking oil will contaminate food and cause harm to the human body.
This is because this type of packaging bottle has the characteristics of high transparency and easy aging. It will be affected by oxygen, ozone, and ultraviolet rays in the air to produce a strong peculiar smell. In addition, the polymer itself is aging. If used for long-term storage of cooking oil, it is easy to cause These food items have gone bad.
In addition, the element vinyl chloride in polyvinyl chloride is not only toxic, but also easily decomposes in acids and grease to precipitate highly toxic hydrogen chloride and chlorine. Plasticizers added to polyvinyl chloride, such as phthalate esters, All of them are toxic, and lead, cadmium and organotin used as stabilizers are all toxic chemicals, all of which are more toxic, and are easily soluble in grease. Although plastic polystyrene is a low-toxic substance, its component styrene and volatile components ethylbenzene and cumene are poisonous, and it is very easy to dissolve in grease. Plastic polyethylene itself is not toxic. However, after it comes into contact with grease, it can resolve low-molecular-weight compounds, and these low-molecular elements can cause toxicity when dissolved in grease.
Recycling of plastic bottles:
1. Clothing fiber. After the plastic bottles are recycled, they can be degraded into recycled polyester and recycled fibers through clean crystal drying and other technologies. Eighty percent is used in the textile industry, and it will eventually become our clothing or quilt.
2. Plastic products. After the recycled plastic bottles are crushed, cleaned, granulated and other processing techniques, they are re-added to new plastic products, so that resources can be reused and waste is prevented.
3. Small objects of life.
After a little modification, waste plastic bottles can be turned into practical pen holders, coin purses, vases, etc. in daily life. You can remodel it any way you want.