What are the materials of beverage bottle caps and how to make them

Update:23 Jul 2020

People can often drink drinks and know what the flavor is and what kinds of drinks are. However, the understanding of the beverage bottle cap is relatively limited. At least many people do not know what the material is, let alone how to make it.

What is the material of beverage bottle cap
1. PP materials
It is widely used in gas beverage bottle cap gasket and bottle cap. It has the advantages of heat resistance, high surface strength and good chemical stability. The bottle cap made of this material is mostly used for bottle cap packaging of fruit wine and carbonated drinks.
2. PE materials
It is mainly used for hot filling bottle cap and aseptic cold filling bottle cap. This material is non-toxic, has good toughness and impact resistance, is easy to form film, and has good resistance to high and low temperature and environmental stress cracking. Now many vegetable oils and sesame oil in glass bottles are made of this material.

Making method of wine bottle cap
1. Mixing raw materials
Generally, the material for making liquor bottle caps is plastic. If the user needs to make metal or ceramic wine bottle caps, iron, aluminum, porcelain, mud, etc. should be selected as the raw materials for making. All the raw materials selected should be in strict accordance with customer requirements and quality standards.
2. Hot melt
Put the prepared raw material into the compressor barrel, and heat it to the semi molten flow plasticization state in the barrel. At this time, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature in the barrel reaches about 200 degrees, so that the raw materials are melted and fully fused after heating.
3. Sum module
The raw materials that are fully heated and fused in the barrel are released and extruded into the mold cavity according to a certain amount, and the upper and lower molds are closed to finalize the product. Bottle cap mold must be carefully made to ensure that the error of product shape is reduced to small.
4. Cooling demoulding
Let the heated products in the mold cavity for sufficient cooling, but not rapid cooling, otherwise it will affect the quality of the bottle cap. When the bottle cap is cooled, it is separated from the mold, and then the cutting ring and padding work flow are carried out.
For beverage bottle cap processing materials and production methods of this, I hope to help you.

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