Variety of bottle caps with distinctive personality

Update:20 Apr 2021

Common forms of bottle containers. Bottle containers can be divided into tube-shaped bottles and wide-mouth bottles according to the ratio of the length of the bottle body to the diameter of the bottle mouth. According to the material, there are glass bottles, plastic bottles, ceramic bottles and so on.

Plastic bottles are mostly used for liquid or solid disposable plastic packaging containers such as beverages, food, pickles, honey, dried fruits, edible oil, and agricultural and veterinary drugs. Plastic bottles are not easily broken, low cost, high transparency, and food-grade raw materials. So do you know all kinds of bottle caps in market applications? The types are complicated, and the application characteristics are also different.

Crown cap aluminum is made of tin-plated paper and chrome-plated sheet. It is mostly used for packaging of beer, soft drinks, and seasonings.

Screw caps are mostly used for wide-mouth bottles to package solid foods, and can be used for tube-shaped bottles and wide-mouth bottles to package alcohol, fruit juice drinks, seasonings and solid foods.

Twist-off screw caps (anti-theft caps) are mostly used for wine packaging

Unscrew the cap (four caps), the diameter of the bottle mouth is 27~110MM, and there are three, four, six and eight claws on the edge. It can be used in tube-shaped bottles or wide-mouth bottles to pack juice, jam, fruit, baby food, vegetables and meat, etc.

Press-sealed and unscrewed (thermoplastic screw cap) bottle caps have a diameter of 27~77MM, which can be used for food packaging such as juice, jam, and fruit.

The series of bite-seal (claw-type cover) 28~77MM can be used for food packaging such as juice, jam and fruit.

The diameter of the side-sealing lid (open lid) is 27~77M series, which can be used to pack juice, fruits, vegetables, etc.

The roll cap (Shengli bottle cap) has good airtightness and is suitable for fruit, vegetable and meat food packaging. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to open the cap.