The importance of plastic bottle cap temperature control

Update:22 Sep 2021

In the process of plastic injection molding, temperature control is extremely important. It will not only affect the quality of the product but also its molding cycle. Different plastics have different fluidity, so their temperature control is also different.

Plastics with good fluidity are generally controlled at around 60°C; plastics with poor fluidity are generally controlled at 80°C to 120°C. In addition, the cooling process of crystalline plastics and amorphous plastics is different, which should be distinguished during the injection molding process.
In the plastic injection molding process, if the temperature is too high, it will affect the uneven shrinkage of the molding and cause the mold product to deform; if the temperature is too low, it will reduce its fluidity, resulting in defects or flow lines on the surface after molding.
If the mold temperature is not uniform, the temperature after curing will also be uneven, and stress will be generated, which will deform and crack the molded product. Therefore, the temperature control has a great influence on the shrinkage, stability, and quality of the product. We must pay special attention to the injection of plastic molds.