The harm of high temperature to plastic bottles

Update:17 Jun 2021

I believe everyone knows that when plastic bottles are used in a high temperature environment, they will easily release harmful substances, pollute the packaged food, and endanger human health. Many people like to put drinks or mineral water in the car, but it depends on the weather.

In the summer, if the car is parked in direct sunlight for a long time, the temperature inside the car will rise rapidly, and the beverage bottle will be placed in a high temperature environment in the car. This is an environment where plastic bottles are prone to produce harmful substances. In our home, many housewives will unconsciously place plastic condiment bottles and cooking oil bottles next to the gas stove, which is a very bad habit. In the process of cooking rice and cooking, the high temperature generated by the gas will cause the condiment bottle and the edible oil bottle to be roasted by the high temperature on the side, resulting in an increase in temperature and the release of harmful substances.

Also, in the wild, some people will drink the mineral water bottle and put it in the sun directly for convenience. If it is in the summer of 30-40 degrees, this is also an environment that easily causes the plastic bottle to release harmful substances. Of course, in daily life, there will be many environments that will cause plastic bottles to be disturbed by high temperatures and release harmful substances.

If our plastic bottles are stored in a high temperature environment, they will also cause bottle deformation. This is also an important factor in our lack of inventory. We are afraid of bottle deformation after a long time. And in summer transportation, especially export air transportation, the temperature will be extremely high. The cause of the bottle's deformation.

Now that we know that plastic bottles will release harmful substances at high temperatures, we should pay more attention to avoid direct sunlight and keep away from high temperature environments when we use them.