The development trend of green packaging of plastic bottle caps

Update:09 Feb 2022

With the continuous enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, plastic bottle manufacturers consume a lot of water in the production of plastic bottles, and the voice of boycotting bottled water has been heard recently, especially in European and American countries, which will reduce the consumption market of plastic bottles to a certain extent. Instead, other packaging materials, such as glass bottles, are advocated by experts.

After summarizing the transaction data of plastic bottles and the operation of the plastic bottle market in the past period, the market prospect of plastic bottles in the future is optimistic, but the development of many small and medium-sized plastic bottle manufacturers in China is currently facing many challenges.
The green packaging materials for plastic bottles advocate the use of less raw materials, and it is better to use the same materials, separable and coexisting materials, and try to use materials with simple structures and easy recycling. At the same time, the amount of waste generated is minimized, thus showing the development trend of lightweight packaging film.
The key to the development of plastic stabilization technology is the research and development of the preparation and application of new antioxidants, UV stabilizers and free radical scavengers. Refilling plastic containers for daily chemicals, trays or turnover boxes for food, etc., can use plastic stabilization technology to manufacture high-quality plastic products to improve its reuse or recycling value.
The market price of plastic bottles is firm, and crude oil has fluctuated higher recently. The mentality of merchants is supported, but the demand is light. On Monday, there was a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the market, and petrochemicals implemented fixed-price sales. The market was in a dilemma, and the market continued to be moderately organized. The market atmosphere was quiet, and the substantive transactions were slightly flat.