Tamper evident caps to protect your product from tampering

Update:18 Nov 2022

Using tamper evident caps is the smart way to protect your product from unintended consumption and pilfering. Designed to help consumers identify opened containers, tamper evidence can also provide a sense of security for your customers.

Tamper evident caps are the best way to protect your product from tampering. Designed to provide an obvious indication of a compromised bottle, tamper evidence closures are available in sizes ranging from 28 to 48mm. Tamper evidence is often combined with an induction liner to ensure that no one can alter the contents of the container.

The best tamper evidence lid is made of sturdy PET construction, and is designed to keep contaminants out and fresh beverages in. It should also have no sipping holes. These containers are not suitable for hot-filling or freezing.

Using a security band is a relatively inexpensive way to offer tamper evidence containers. These bands usually have a plastic or metal construction, and can be integral to the lid or attached below it. A security band is usually printed with a custom design. They are usually found on bottles, but are also available for tubs.

Other notable tamper evidence items include a tamper evidence syringe and a tamper evidence bottle. In the health care industry, tamper evidence is crucial for pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals. Tamper evidence is also important for food products. Using tamper evidence closures can prevent pilfering, prevent contamination, and help prevent consumption of the bottle.