Sterilization of plastic bottle caps

Update:23 Aug 2021

Everyone is concerned about the hygiene of plastic bottles, especially the bottle caps, because the caps are often in direct contact with our mouths when drinking. If there is something unclean on the caps, it may be drinking. It may be brought into the human body, so sterilizing plastic bottle caps is an indispensable process in the production process. Here are the main ways to sterilize the bottle cap.

Spraying type: using multiple sets of nozzles to spray sterilizing water in multiple directions to sterilize the surface of the beverage bottle cap. There are also certain requirements for the spraying time to ensure that the microorganisms can be completely killed. The specific method is: through the cap. The rear beverage bottle caps enter the bottle cap track in the same direction. There are multiple sets of nozzles above and below the track. Each group of nozzles can spray sterilizing water on the beverage bottle cap from different angles. The sprayed sterilizing water can both sterilize and sterilize the bottle cap. Push the cap along the track.

Immersion type: the plastic bottle cap is soaked in sterilizing water, so that the entire bottle cap is cleaned by sterilizing water. The soaking time also depends on the strength of the sterilizing water. Generally, the soaking time of the sterilizing water with strong oxidizing property is 10-20 The time requirement for complete sterilization of bottle caps can be met within seconds. Beverage bottle caps with the same orientation are fixed on the bottle cap holder, and the bottle cap holder is connected to the chain. The movement of the chain drives the bottle cap holder into the sterilization pool filled with sterilizing water. And make the bottle cap completely soaked in the sterilizing water. The soaking time of the beverage bottle cap can meet the time requirement of complete sterilization of the bottle cap within 10-20 seconds. The same as the spray sterilization method, the bottle cap after the sterilization water soaking also needs no The spray washing of bacteria water and the spray of sterile air make the liquid bottle cap both dry and sterile.