Recommended design method of mineral water bottle cap

Update:01 Jul 2020

Mineral water bottle cap seems small and simple, but it also needs to be designed in advance. Have you mastered its design method? Here are a few of its life, use knowledge, come and learn quickly, maybe when it will be used.

Design method of mineral water bottle cover
1. Create a new part and click the stretch command to pull out the main feature of the bottle cap.
2. Then, one end of the cylinder is rounded with a radius of 1 mm.
3. Then the shell is extracted, the thickness value is 0.5mm, and the bottom surface is selected as the removed surface.
4. Then stretch to make a flange at one end of the cap.
5. Then stretch out a non slip stripe and fillet.
6. Use the axis array to array 72 anti-skid lines and complete the creation.

Application of mineral water bottle cap
1. Used as a funnel. Cut off the bottle from the middle, and the upper part is a funnel. If the mouth of the bottle is too large, you can bake it with fire and pinch it a little bit.
2. Use the concave and convex bottom of the bottle to make a spoon that can take dry materials. If you can't find a spoon at home, you can use it as an emergency.
3. Take the cap of the mineral water bottle, bake it with a lighter, and then poke it through the back with a toothpick. It turns into a saucer tip cap.
4. On the body of mineral water bottle, a few knives can become a good container with handle. Put a little thing in it and plant some small plants.