Is it safe to use pet plastic bottles?

Update:06 Jul 2021

At present, there are many doubts about the safety of pet plastic bottles in the market. Some people think that pet plastic bottles contain plasticizers, which are harmful to the human body when used, and may bring health risks and so on. However, we should see that, whether it is food, beverages or cosmetics on the market, the proportion of pet plastic bottles is very high.

In fact, this is inseparable from the advantages of pet plastic bottles. The first is that the pet plastic bottle is light in weight, the material is transparent, and the material is durable. The second is that the pet plastic bottle is cheap. Compared with glass and ceramic packaging, the price of the pet plastic bottle is much lower. For large-scale use For food and cosmetics manufacturers, this is obviously very attractive. Third, the recycling rate of PET bottles is high, much higher than that of other plastic bottles, which is good for the environment.

However, there are still many doubts in the market, which we think is caused by people's improper use. First of all, pet plastic bottles cannot be used repeatedly. Some people will wash waste food and beverage pet plastic bottles and use them for a long time, which will definitely affect the safety of pet plastic bottles. Secondly, the high temperature resistance range of pet plastic bottles is relatively limited. If they are placed in a high temperature environment such as in the car or on the side of the stove, the material safety and stability of the pet plastic bottle will also be damaged. Finally, some illegal businesses use secondary recycled materials to process pet plastic bottles, which will also affect material safety.