How are plastic bottle caps made for a few cents?

Update:21 Jul 2021

Everyone is too familiar with plastic bottle caps, which are mainly used for airtight glass bottles and glass bottles. What everyone particularly likes is the "prize" or "one more bottle" printed on the bottle cap. Everyone will also collect scientific research gifts. Some people open the cap to see if they have won the prize, while others look at the bottom of the bottle before buying. It is said that they can see the words printed on the cap from the bottom of the bottle to buy the glass bottle that won the victory.

The plastic bottle caps of sealant manufacturers are too common and too cheap, so they throw it away without a prize after opening. Very few people master it, and with the increase in protection awareness, many bottles appear on the Internet. For the purpose of stopper, the stopper can be used for waste after being updated and transformed, and deal with some difficult points in life.
Corks are made of metal materials, which are mainly used for wine, health care products, food, etc., and plastics are mainly used for beverages, foods, and skin care products. The raw materials of plastic bottle caps are usually PP or PE materials.
The cork board material was used in the early stage of the bottle stopper, and then the screw iron was used. In the mid to late 1990s, the Coca-Cola Company produced plastic bottled beverages. Plastic bottle caps replaced aluminum and iron bottle caps. With its various advantages, plastic bottle caps were used. Get used.
The structure of the cork
The inner side of the bottle stopper is the external thread of each segment. Its effect is that during the entire process of filling the bottle, the plastic residue will remain on the bottle mouth, so that it can be easily cleaned with tap water after filling, that is to say During the whole process of opening the watch cover, a part of the vapor in the bottle is discharged according to the gap, so that when the outer cover is twisted, the stopper will not easily fly off to death, and the outer cover will not easily fall into the soil and become dirty.
There is a small circle under the bottle stopper called a broken anti-theft ring. Twisting the outer cover, the anti-theft ring will fall down and leave it on the glass bottle. This equipment is for health and safety. If the anti-theft ring falls and is not integrated with the bottle stopper, It shows that it has already been applied and is no longer healthy and safe.
There are also many strip anti-slip grooves on the outer edge of the cork, which are beneficial to increase the sliding friction when the watch cover is opened.
The production of plastic bottle caps includes injection molding and compression molding processes.

Production process of compression molded bottle stopper

Compression-molded bottle stoppers have no markings on the material opening and look more beautiful. The production and processing temperature is low, and the packing is small, and the specifications of the stoppers are more accurate.

Put the mixed material into the compression molding machine, heat the material in the equipment to 170 degrees Celsius to become a semi-melted condition, and squeeze the material into the abrasive tool for quantitative analysis.
The upper, lower, left and right molds are locked and crushed into a cork shape in the mold
The compression-molded cork is retained in the lower mold, the upper mold is removed, the cork undergoes a rotating disc, and the cork is taken out from the grinding tool in the opposite direction of the thread.
After the bottle stopper is formed by compression molding, it is rotated on the equipment, and a knife head is used to cut a 3mm edge of the bottle stopper into an anti-theft ring connected to the stopper by several points.
The production process of injection molding processing bottle stopper injection molding processing
The injection molding process has a large mold volume and it is inconvenient to disassemble and replace. The injection molding process requires a large working pressure for several bottle stoppers. The heating temperature of the raw materials is higher, and the energy consumption is higher than that of compression molding.
Put the mixed material into the plastic machine, heat the material in the equipment to 230 degrees Celsius to become semi-melted, and inject the injection into the cavity of the mold according to the working pressure, and cool the shape with water.
The bottle stopper is cooled by the water cooling and the grinding tool rotates in the opposite direction for fitness exercises, and the bottle stopper is injected under the effect of the push plate to keep the bottle stopper fully automatic. The use of external threads to rotate the mold can ensure the detailed formation of all external threads, which is reasonable To prevent the deformation of the cork from scratching.