Four particularities of plastic bottle cap mold processing

Update:20 May 2022

According to related reports, compared with other mechanical processing, plastic mold processing has certain specialities, these specialties are mainly.

1. Most plastic molds need to process space curved surfaces with complex shapes on solid core metal modules. With the continuous development of large-scale plastic molds, the weight of the modules will also increase, and now some have reached dozens of tons;

2. The shape of most plastic bottle cap molds is cuboid or cube, and there are few narrow and long ones. The main processing volume is concentrated on the die and punch;
3. As the requirements of plastic mold products become more and more precise and complex, the requirements for the machining accuracy of plastic molds are also getting higher and higher. Now the machining accuracy of many plastic molds has reached ±1~2μm, and will soon develop to less than ± 1μm;
4. As users' requirements for plastic mold production cycle are getting shorter and shorter, plastic mold processing must meet the requirements of high efficiency, fast, and certain flexibility and long-term full-load non-stop operation.