Development and market application of short plastic bottle cap

Update:12 Jan 2021

We like to drink carbonated drinks in summer, but most of us don't know why carbonated drinks are called carbonated drinks. In fact, this is because the carbonated beverage is added with carbonated acid, which makes the beverage have a unique taste. Because of this, carbonated drinks contain a lot of carbon dioxide, which makes the pressure in the bottle very high. Therefore, carbonated drinks have higher requirements for caps, and the characteristics of short plastic caps can meet the needs of carbonated drinks.

However, this kind of application is difficult, of course, mainly reflected in carbonated drinks. For the current beverage industry, in order to better reduce costs, suppliers focus on PET bottle mouth. The PET bottle with short bottle mouth was first used in the beer industry and achieved success.

At the same time, that's why short plastic caps were first used in beer PET bottles. All its aseptic products are packaged in such a short bottle mouth. Undoubtedly, PET packaging in beverage industry ushered in its important revolution.
Theoretically, the screw thread contact between the bottle mouth and the plastic bottle cap is used to seal the bottle. Of course, the larger the area between the screw thread and the bottle mouth, the better the sealing degree. However, if the bottle mouth is shortened, the plastic bottle cap will also be shortened. Accordingly, the contact area between the thread and the bottle mouth will also be reduced, which is not conducive to sealing. Therefore, after complex tests, some enterprises have designed the best screw design of bottle mouth and plastic bottle cap, which can meet the sealing requirements of beverage products.