Characteristics of flexographic printing of plastic bottle caps

Update:19 Feb 2022

1. Realize the four-color printing of the bottle cap:

In people's impression, the printing on the surface of plastic bottle caps is generally done by pad printing, and most of them are simple words and color blocks, and the colors are relatively monotonous. Four-color overprinting of plastic bottle caps can be achieved by flexographic printing, and the printing graphics and texts are colorful and realistic. For example, printing fruits with realistic colors on the lids of beverage bottles can play a good role in setting off the beverages in plastic bottles, and can stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

2. The bottle cap is polished to improve the product grade:

After printing with water-based ink on the plastic bottle cap, in order to improve the abrasion resistance of the ink, the surface of the plastic bottle cap can also be polished. After glazing, the gloss of the plastic bottle cap is significantly improved, making the picture brighter and improving the product quality.

3. Overprinting is accurate and convenient:

The overprint control of the flexographic printing machine for plastic bottle caps is very characteristic. Since the tube position accuracy (horizontal and vertical) supporting the plastic bottle cap has been guaranteed in the CNC machining center, when the overprint is inaccurate during printing, it can be adjusted up and down according to the situation. The position of the plate cylinder so that it can meet the requirements of overprinting. At present, the overprinting error of flexographic printing of plastic bottle caps can be controlled within 0.15-0.20mm.

Flexographic printing technology has greatly improved the printing quality of plastic bottle caps. At present, many domestic manufacturers have adopted flexographic printing of plastic bottle caps. We will continue to pay attention to its future application and development trends.